Susie’s Advice

Last week the Pinter Posse and an addition took a field trip to Morrisons to buy some burgers. Once we had got everything we needed we went to the cheese deli counter to see how many free tasters we could get.

We got four.

The lady who served us was called Susie and she was chatty. She told us she was divorced which I thought was a funny thing to say because it seems quite personal to me.  A lot of people don’t want to get married anymore but Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they were getting married yesterday so maybe people will change their mind. Can Royals start fashions still?

Susie made us try some chilli cheese that we all found too hot but we didn’t want to show pain so we just looked at each other and nodded and said: ‘Mmm. Pretty good.’

When I googled ‘chili cheese’ this is what I got. Doesn’t it look like dog sick. Or worse.



Anyway, the chili cheese we tried didn’t look like that. But we still didn’t get it. In the end we got some Australian Cheddar, which in terms of ecologicalcarbonfootprintfriendliness is certainly the worst.

Then she gave us this advice: ‘The best way to make it last longer is to grate it.’ We weren’t so sure so when we got home we just chopped chunks off with a spoon because it was the only bit of clean cutterly left in the drawer.

However, we went back to Morrisons yesterday and I got some more cheese. We looked out for Susie but we couldn’t see her. When I got home I grated the whole block into a tupperware box. The experiment has begun.


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