Mr Harris: what about your snowmanfriend

Jon Harris – the one with the snowmanfriend – has left me this week for other friends in Cardiff and I can’t help but feel slightly shunned. When I asked him who he was going to see he gave a vague response about somebody called Dan.

I said: Dan? You can’t just make up friends.

He then mentioned a certain young lady.

Now. I know you want the name, but I’m not going to give it. No. No. No.


I’m joking I just made that up. Anyway I only have one question.

Mr Harris: what about your snowmanfriend

and me?

Also, writing as been off the agenda of things to do for about five weeks now. I’ve written nothing – apart from the odd bloggerpost and journal entry – and it’s starting to take effect, which is good. I think I will starve myself for another week, maybe two and then write and see what happens.


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