Sweaty in Ninety Degree

Tim, my cousin and long standing friend, came to visit this weekend. I can’t say that we haven’t had anything other than an absolutely lovely time.

He has a new car. It’s a Ford Focus and he likes to pretend it’s a rally car, so we drove it in the mountains yesterday afternoon and he scared Jon  Harris – who held on to the door handle with white knuckles – and Sean, who said: ‘You’re a nutter mate’ in a South Waleian accent.

Here is a picture of Tim and me to time that we were in Disney World and we went on the teacups in 90 degree heat and spun them as fast as we could.

I’m really sweaty but I don’t care because I am super dizzy and don’t know which way is up. I can’t remember who took the photo but I bet they would have said something like: ‘You’re a nutter mate.’


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