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February 17, 2011

A Large McPinter and Chips, Please

It’s been a little while since I wrote up a meeting of the Pinter Posse. The truth is that there haven’t really been any official meetings; which, I think, is a shame. I kind of feel like there isn’t much committment from the other members.

Nonetheless, Valentines Day came around, and it was lovely to spend a very non/un/dis-valentines day breakfast with Blewog and Mr Meiring.

Mr Meiring has been mentioned before somewhere unfortunately, due to a legal reason, I’m not allowed to show his picture here. Instead, I gave my friend, who is an artiste, a description. This is the representation he drew:

Quite clever eh.

Anyway, it was nice, we had a McDonald’s breakfast, which is always a joy. Whatever people say.

But back to Pinter Pinter. I found this quote – so I thought I would give you all a taste:

“Shirts like these don’t go far in the winter-time. I mean that’s one thing I know for a fact. No, what I need, is a kind of shirt with stripes, a good solid shirt, with stripes going down.”


February 3, 2011

Human Planet

Tonight is the final part of the Human Planet series on BBC. I’ve really enjoyed watching the series. There have been some fantastic stories of how people have adapted to the environment and, as always, some great panoramic shots of the surroundingĀ area. I have great admiration for the artistic talent of the producers and the camera men. However I do think it’s a shame that the focus has been on celebrating humankind as a species.

As if it is by our own achievement that humans can survive in extreme situations.

As if we are just more developed/creative/intelligent animals.

That’s not true. It’s in God’s image that we are made and that is why humans are so different and more developed/creative/intelligent that animals.

I would think that is obvious to see.