A Large McPinter and Chips, Please

It’s been a little while since I wrote up a meeting of the Pinter Posse. The truth is that there haven’t really been any official meetings; which, I think, is a shame. I kind of feel like there isn’t much committment from the other members.

Nonetheless, Valentines Day came around, and it was lovely to spend a very non/un/dis-valentines day breakfast with Blewog and Mr Meiring.

Mr Meiring has been mentioned before somewhere unfortunately, due to a legal reason, I’m not allowed to show his picture here. Instead, I gave my friend, who is an artiste, a description. This is the representation he drew:

Quite clever eh.

Anyway, it was nice, we had a McDonald’s breakfast, which is always a joy. Whatever people say.

But back to Pinter Pinter. I found this quote – so I thought I would give you all a taste:

“Shirts like these don’t go far in the winter-time. I mean that’s one thing I know for a fact. No, what I need, is a kind of shirt with stripes, a good solid shirt, with stripes going down.”



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