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July 21, 2011

What the Police Commissioner Could Have Said…

…At the Home Affairs Select Committee.


COMMITTEE MEMBER: Can you tell the committee why you resigned? Bare in mind we have read your report and you say there is no impropriety as to what has happened – that you feel you did absolutely nothing wrong.

POLICE COMMISSIONER: Precisely. I wanted to quit while I was ahead.

CM: You couldn’t possibly do your job if you didn’t know what was happening in the MET.

PC: Yes. You’re right.

CM: So you did know about the phone hacking inquiry.

PC: That’s not what I said.

CM: Was there not a situation that was inappropriate for any Police Officer to receive such substantial hospitality [from the Murdoch’s]?

PC: Would you have turned it down?

CM: You had seventeen dinners with them.

PC: What can I say? I was hungry and they can get me into Heston Blumenthal’s new restaurant for free.

CM: Do you have any other information?

PC: If you asking me to hook you up with them, I’m sure I can try and make something work.


July 21, 2011

An Open University?

Not for long. See here

Just a mere increase of £3,200. That’s a snip!

Will the majority of Universities really charge £9,000? I mean, really? Tough cheese the regulator won’t let that happen. Sensationalising again?