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December 14, 2011

Pinter Posse Strikes Back (when you least expect it)

I’m NOT even joking. I was sitting there in the Prof’s Office yesterday afternoon. A little drab outside. A little drab inside too. Still, it’s a privilege I pay for. Then we read an excerpt [from the new novel of course] and I’m NOT even JOKING but the first thing the Prof said was, ‘I would say this piece is quite Pinteresque.’

I’m NOT even joking.

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December 5, 2011

The Fragmentary Mode in Poetry

Rob Mengham describes it as 

A vanishing point beyond the conventional horizon of poetry

Or, as I can understand it, a segregation of narrative meaning from the poetic line.

This makes Fragmentary poetry – or New Modernist poetry – something of a more readerly poetry.

Every word or phrase or line or sentence must be understood to the best of the reader’s ability before he can move on.

As a result, the poetic line only has meaning in itself.

Which creates a chaotic poetry that is obsessed with obtaining meaning irrationally.