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September 9, 2013

A Real Hero

September 7, 2013


Just finished watching Drive. I think the first half is great. There is a good amount of Ryan Gosling staring. And there are some great shots, different shots, like when he offers the kid the toothpick. He brings it up from underneath; it’s shots like that that surprise me, and I think, oh yeah, that’s different. And it plays with me too so that I’m interested but it doesn’t play too much so that I feel like an idiot. Like when he’s dressed as a cop, but it’s only for a couple of seconds that you’re wondering what’s going on, then you realise it’s a movie and you’re okay. That’s all good. And there’s the kid too and the girl and there’s Gosling. There is always Gosling. Ah, Gosling, we all say, with the staring and the driving and the gloves and the jacket.

But the second half does get violent. I don’t think it’s unwarranted. But it is violent. And it justifies the certificate, but there’s no more nudity/bad language in it than any Nicholas Cage movie. In fact, there is probably less. I would never stop anyone from watching Ghost Rider or Season of the Witch or Bangkok Dangerous but I would rather Drive was seen ten times before they saw any of the above. After all, Gosling and just the right amount of staring.

September 6, 2013



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September 5, 2013

Warm September

Today it’s a warm & sunny September day. Days like today always remind me of a few things.

They remind me of going back to school & it’s still too hot to play sport but you’re made to do it anyway. You’re made to run in rugby kit & the ground is hard & everyone has to make the decision whether to wear trainers or boots & everyone who chooses trainers immediately regrets it because you just can’t play rugby in trainers.

It reminds me of the September after I left school, before university, on holiday in Florida. We were all there. I know I’ll look back in a number of years and think that was the time just before everything changed. In fact, I think that a little now, but I hope I’ll have better perspective then. Florida is very hot at that time of year. It’s hurricane season too but I can’t remember much about that. I remember the beaches were sandy and there were pelicans. & it’s only a week before you leave home, probably for good, & you have no idea what that’s going to feel like. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to actually experience it but I just wanted to know what it would feel like.

It reminds me of the time Ali & I walked in the mountains & we were late for the train & we had to take a short cut and ford across the river Dyfi. We were going to cut onto the train track & cross over the bridge & get the train from Dyfi Junction but some other walkers we met on top of a mountain were against the idea & said if we got caught we’d get it & even though we knew that probably wouldn’t happen we were still too sacred of getting caught to try it. So instead we cut down into the valley & jumped some fences until we made it to the river & then feeling like we were Bear Grylls took our clothes off, put everything in our rucksacks, tied our boots together, slung them round our necks & stepped into the river.

At first it didn’t seem like much. It was cold, I remember that. And the stones hurt our feet but as soon as they were numb the water felt good. We got half-way pretty quick but then we realised how big the river was & the other side was much deeper than we had expected & we struggled to work over to the other bank. But we eventually made it & then put our clothes on, feeling the world of course, because we had just forded the mighty Dyfi and it was an Indian Summer. AN INDIAN SUMMER. & the Dfyi was mighty and we crossed it, & then we found a path and got the train.

It reminds me too of the flat that Nem Nem and I first lived in when we got married. It had this big open plan lounge/dinner/kitchen & the length of the wall had some good windows & the whole thing faced south & I remember trying to write my MA & struggling so — for inspiration — just watching Jean-Luc Goddard in the morning & then in the afternoon, when the sun came in & the room got really really hot, either hanging clothes or moving the sofa back & doing weights or something like that, & the whole room felt fantastic.