Warm September

Today it’s a warm & sunny September day. Days like today always remind me of a few things.

They remind me of going back to school & it’s still too hot to play sport but you’re made to do it anyway. You’re made to run in rugby kit & the ground is hard & everyone has to make the decision whether to wear trainers or boots & everyone who chooses trainers immediately regrets it because you just can’t play rugby in trainers.

It reminds me of the September after I left school, before university, on holiday in Florida. We were all there. I know I’ll look back in a number of years and think that was the time just before everything changed. In fact, I think that a little now, but I hope I’ll have better perspective then. Florida is very hot at that time of year. It’s hurricane season too but I can’t remember much about that. I remember the beaches were sandy and there were pelicans. & it’s only a week before you leave home, probably for good, & you have no idea what that’s going to feel like. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to actually experience it but I just wanted to know what it would feel like.

It reminds me of the time Ali & I walked in the mountains & we were late for the train & we had to take a short cut and ford across the river Dyfi. We were going to cut onto the train track & cross over the bridge & get the train from Dyfi Junction but some other walkers we met on top of a mountain were against the idea & said if we got caught we’d get it & even though we knew that probably wouldn’t happen we were still too sacred of getting caught to try it. So instead we cut down into the valley & jumped some fences until we made it to the river & then feeling like we were Bear Grylls took our clothes off, put everything in our rucksacks, tied our boots together, slung them round our necks & stepped into the river.

At first it didn’t seem like much. It was cold, I remember that. And the stones hurt our feet but as soon as they were numb the water felt good. We got half-way pretty quick but then we realised how big the river was & the other side was much deeper than we had expected & we struggled to work over to the other bank. But we eventually made it & then put our clothes on, feeling the world of course, because we had just forded the mighty Dyfi and it was an Indian Summer. AN INDIAN SUMMER. & the Dfyi was mighty and we crossed it, & then we found a path and got the train.

It reminds me too of the flat that Nem Nem and I first lived in when we got married. It had this big open plan lounge/dinner/kitchen & the length of the wall had some good windows & the whole thing faced south & I remember trying to write my MA & struggling so — for inspiration — just watching Jean-Luc Goddard in the morning & then in the afternoon, when the sun came in & the room got really really hot, either hanging clothes or moving the sofa back & doing weights or something like that, & the whole room felt fantastic.


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