Just finished watching Drive. I think the first half is great. There is a good amount of Ryan Gosling staring. And there are some great shots, different shots, like when he offers the kid the toothpick. He brings it up from underneath; it’s shots like that that surprise me, and I think, oh yeah, that’s different. And it plays with me too so that I’m interested but it doesn’t play too much so that I feel like an idiot. Like when he’s dressed as a cop, but it’s only for a couple of seconds that you’re wondering what’s going on, then you realise it’s a movie and you’re okay. That’s all good. And there’s the kid too and the girl and there’s Gosling. There is always Gosling. Ah, Gosling, we all say, with the staring and the driving and the gloves and the jacket.

But the second half does get violent. I don’t think it’s unwarranted. But it is violent. And it justifies the certificate, but there’s no more nudity/bad language in it than any Nicholas Cage movie. In fact, there is probably less. I would never stop anyone from watching Ghost Rider or Season of the Witch or Bangkok Dangerous but I would rather Drive was seen ten times before they saw any of the above. After all, Gosling and just the right amount of staring.


One Comment to “Drive”

  1. Cool that you’ve watched it. In agreement with you about the first half. We sat down a couple of days ago for some comfort viewing and it was Drive that we pulled out, but of course we only watched the first half. Beautiful stuff.

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