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January 20, 2011

You Want More??

That’s right, my dashboard stats are telling me that you want more.

So. That great American novel. Turns out, it’s not really that great.

A few updates in jonblog’s life:

Christmas has come and gone, a new term has started, Rhodri and I walked down the coast to Clarach yesterday.

It was quite the adventure.

There were rocks that stuck out at miraculous angles, and rock pools, and fresh water streams coming from the cliffs, and sheep grazing (not on the beach), and waves lapping at my Addidas trainers and Rhodri’s brown Matalan shoes.

When we got to Clarach we sat on a damp bench and talked.

Ali was not part of our conversation.

Not in a mean way you understand but we just had other things to talk about.

Like Jon Harris. Here he is with his best friend.


I share a house with him.

November 24, 2010

The Fair

The fair came to town this week. And a group of us spent a few hours getting immeasurable dizzy (some sick) on a variety of rides. My favourite was a ride that swung like a pendulum while spinning. My mate Ali screamed all the way through, much to his embarassament and the Girls Hockey Team’s ammusement.

For those of you who don’t know Ali, here’s a picture of him the time he said he could swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon and Rhodri said he couldn’t.

Remember Rhodri?

If I had children I wouldn’t let them near him either.

Anyway that picture of Ali swallowing that cinnamon makes you sick doesn’t it. Well it made him sick too. And then he passed out and we rolled him in a blanket like this.

Now that’s a bit more harmonious.