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October 27, 2010


I spent last weekend at an Arts Conference in Edinburgh. It was run by an organisation called Interface, which is affiliated with UCCF.

Six of us went. Dan Meiring hired a mean Mystery Machine for the weekend and we drove up over night on Friday. It was hectic. I didn’t sleep; which wouldn’t normally cause a problem but the next day there were discussions on ‘Theo-comedy’. I made a point in a large discussion with one of the speakers only to be ignored for an obviously more apt comment from my friend Rhodri. No hard feelings were felt; we joked about it after. Nonetheless I must admit that I did feel a little out my depth at some points.

It was very cold in Edinbrrr. But not quite as cold as this:

Ifan came up from Cardiff which was cool. It’s good to catch up with friends.

Rhodri spent most of the weekend asking strangers on the street if they were Andy Murray or Ally McCoist and trying to get their autographs.

We also saw a fight on the street in Leith at half ten in the morning. Only in Scotland.

Then the youth hostel we had booked into for Saturday night cancelled on us so we had to sleep in the car. We passed round a bottle of whiskey and drank it with a little water while throwing Crispy M&M’s at each other (no-one actually likes Crispy M&M’s, they always seem like a good idea in the shop – shiny blue packet – but I think they are just M&M’s for people with nut allergies).

So we drove back Sunday night. It was a fun weekend. Helpful in many ways and not helpful in some other ways. But most of all the company was *clears throat* very agreeable.

P.s I was going to include a picture of the ‘Mystery Machine’ but due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding Hanna Barbera vs. Scooby Doo and the aftermath of the Velma-Dinkleygate saga last year I decided it would be wise not too.