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December 14, 2011

Pinter Posse Strikes Back (when you least expect it)

I’m NOT even joking. I was sitting there in the Prof’s Office yesterday afternoon. A little drab outside. A little drab inside too. Still, it’s a privilege I pay for. Then we read an excerpt [from the new novel of course] and I’m NOT even JOKING but the first thing the Prof said was, ‘I would say this piece is quite Pinteresque.’

I’m NOT even joking.

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March 30, 2011

On Hemingway

I think he is a great writer. Some people differ on this. He was certainly a good writer. That’s what he would have said anyway; I think. But I like him.

I read a collection of quotes and transcripts of his, written up by someone, anyway, the book is called Hemingway On Writing. In a way it is a kind of biography.

It’s stimulating and I enjoyed it. It didn’t take long to read. I was particularly impressed with his consistency of opinion on writing/writing process/life (that’s general) ect… I also think he was quite wise for a young man. Which can be unusual.

There is also an interesting correspondence between him and Scott Fitzgerald. I would like to read more so I will get the collection of letters that has been put together. I think it is still in print.

There was also a Pinter Posse meeting this morning. I seem to be able to blog after a Pinter Posse meeting. I like it. I think there is something in that. I haven’t written too much on the blog recently. That is because I have been mainly writing short stories which is not a bad thing.

But now I feel like writing and the blog is the quickest way to write.

November 17, 2010

Susie’s Advice

Last week the Pinter Posse and an addition took a field trip to Morrisons to buy some burgers. Once we had got everything we needed we went to the cheese deli counter to see how many free tasters we could get.

We got four.

The lady who served us was called Susie and she was chatty. She told us she was divorced which I thought was a funny thing to say because it seems quite personal to me.  A lot of people don’t want to get married anymore but Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they were getting married yesterday so maybe people will change their mind. Can Royals start fashions still?

Susie made us try some chilli cheese that we all found too hot but we didn’t want to show pain so we just looked at each other and nodded and said: ‘Mmm. Pretty good.’

When I googled ‘chili cheese’ this is what I got. Doesn’t it look like dog sick. Or worse.



Anyway, the chili cheese we tried didn’t look like that. But we still didn’t get it. In the end we got some Australian Cheddar, which in terms of ecologicalcarbonfootprintfriendliness is certainly the worst.

Then she gave us this advice: ‘The best way to make it last longer is to grate it.’ We weren’t so sure so when we got home we just chopped chunks off with a spoon because it was the only bit of clean cutterly left in the drawer.

However, we went back to Morrisons yesterday and I got some more cheese. We looked out for Susie but we couldn’t see her. When I got home I grated the whole block into a tupperware box. The experiment has begun.

November 8, 2010

The Pinter Posse – Meeting 2

The Pinter Posse met up today.

We didn’t talk about anything Pinterspecific – try saying that with a lisp! – but we did spend some time in a grimy second hand bookshop. Of course we were drawn to the so called Play section with texts written by so called playwrights who are so called good but there was only one book by Pinter.

We left in disgust and I went home and had a Pot Noodle. It was the first Pot Noodle I had eaten in a while, and I got it cheap from the SU shop, so I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately it didn’t satisfy my hunger and I had to have a packet of Mini Cheddars as well. There’s not much those bad boys don’t fix.

Today I also bought a copy of i, that new posh tabloid from the Independent. It was quite good. I think I will buy it again.

The Review Sketch as promised last blog.

Telephone Call

A couple are talking on the phone. The Man has just had a meeting with a major publishing company. Both are in their thirties. There is the sound of heavy traffic in the background.

WOMAN: Did they like it?

MAN: They loved it.

WOMAN: Fantastic. Did they love you?

MAN: They loved me.

WOMAN: That’s fantastic.

MAN: It went just how I said. Didn’t I say it would go this way? It’s fantastic.

WOMAN: That’s wonderful.

MAN Isn’t it.

WOMAN: Where are you now?

MAN: I’m walking down the Strand.

WOMAN: It’s really loud.

MAN: Isn’t it fantastic. I told you it would be fantastic.

WOMAN: I said that it’s hard to hear you.

MAN: Fantastic.


WOMAN: Tell me what happened exactly.

MAN: They loved it. The whole lot. They want to publish the whole lot.

WOMAN: That’s fantastic.

MAN: There’s going to be a party tonight. A big party.

WOMAN: The road is really loud.

MAN: I think it’s going to be a bit more sophisticated than that.

WOMAN: I wish I was there.

MAN: At the party?

WOMAN: No, with you.

MAN: I love you too.


WOMAN: The drug addicts are back.

MAN: I know. It’s fantastic. Isn’t it wonderful?

WOMAN: I said the drug addicts are back.

MAN: Bang on the window.

WOMAN: I’m too scared.


Where are you going?

MAN: I’m meeting up with Julie for lunch.

WOMAN: Who’s that?

MAN: Julie.


MAN: Julie.


WOMAN: Where are you meeting her?

MAN: What?

WOMAN: Where’s Julie.

MAN: I’m sorry, the traffic is loud it’s hard to hear you.

WOMAN: It’s hard to hear you too.

MAN: I’m sorry, it’s the road.

WOMAN: You always say that.

MAN: What?

WOMAN: That you’re sorry.

MAN: Why are you sorry?

WOMAN: Fantastic.

MAN: It is. Isn’t it? I told you it would be. They loved me. Are you going to come into town later?

WOMAN: I don’t know if I’d have the time.

MAN: We always used to go out in town.

WOMAN: Times have changed. I’ve tightened up.

MAN: We’ll go to that club like we did before. You know, last summer, we went to Koko, and then after we met those friends. Who were they again? One was wearing a Jack Wills t-shirt and the other – well the other had something else on. A boy and a girl. Don’t you remember the boy and the girl?

WOMAN: I don’t remember the club or the boy or the girl.

MAN: Maybe you were drunk. But why don’t you come down, and then we will stay overnight somewhere and go and watch the football tomorrow afternoon. That’s what you need; a bit of relaxation.

WOMAN: You think that would be fantastic.

MAN: It would be fantastic.

WOMAN: But things have tightened up a bit.

MAN: Well maybe that’s what you need.

WOMAN: What?

MAN: A bit of relaxation.

WOMAN: I’m sorry, I’ve lost you.


MAN: I was just saying you need a bit of relaxation.

WOMAN: I don’t think I’ll have the time.


MAN: I’m sorry, I think I have to go. I can see Julie.


MAN: But I’ll see you in town later.


MAN: I’ll send you a text and tell you where we are.

WOMAN: Fantastic.

MAN: I know, it’s just great. Really fantastic isn’t it.