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April 6, 2011

Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, 1961

I like this house.

It’s complex and simple and open and closed and big and little.

It represents diversity and inclusion.

It’s not nervous.

It has tension.

It’s elemental.

It’s contradictory.

It’s fragmented.

It does not achieve ‘easy harmony’ (LESS IS MORE) said Le Corbusier.


March 4, 2011

Update in the World of Jonblog.

Let’s see, been busy busy.

The weather has been darn fine in Aberystwyth this week. A wee bit nippy and, as my mother always said, ‘bitter’. What does that mean? The weather gives you a bad after taste?

It’s like those nonsense jokes she used to tell me:

‘Why is a mouse when it spins?’ she said.

‘Erm…’ I said.

‘The higher it goes the fewer,’ she said.

‘Right,’ I said.

Which is a bit like postmodern language poetry because they like to put seemingly unassociated words next to each other and to disintegrate narrative and sentence and structure and poetic line.

Like this:


apples in the middle






ntoeoobk wirntnig


Ok, that is a terrible example. Actually, a good example is to look at digital poetries. That’s kind of there, almost, but a little different, but still, it’s quite a good example.